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A Dangerous Game: The Perils of Dealing Drugs on WVU College Campuses

Frank C. Walker II Nov. 27, 2023

The WVU experience is often associated with academic pursuits, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences. However, some students may be drawn into illicit activities, such as drug dealing, which can have dire consequences. Here, we will explore the significant dangers associated with drug dealing on college campuses and why it is crucial to steer clear of this perilous path.

1. Legal Consequences

Engaging in drug dealing exposes students to severe legal risks:

- Criminal Charges: Drug dealing is a felony offense in many jurisdictions, especially in Monongalia County, which can lead to criminal charges resulting in lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.

- Permanent Record: A drug conviction can result in a permanent criminal record that can hinder future employment opportunities, housing applications, and even the ability to secure loans.

- Forfeiture of Assets: Law enforcement may seize assets obtained through drug-related activities, including cash, vehicles, and property.


2. Academic Impact

Drug dealing can significantly affect a student's academic pursuits:

- Academic Penalties: WVU has a strict code of conduct. Engaging in drug dealing can lead to disciplinary actions, including suspension or expulsion.

- Loss of Scholarships: Many scholarships and financial aid programs have stringent requirements for maintaining a clean record. Drug-related offenses can lead to the loss of financial support.


3. Health and Safety Risks

Drug dealing exposes individuals to inherent health and safety risks:

- Violence: The drug trade is often associated with violence and criminal activity. Drug dealers may become targets of violence themselves, putting their lives in danger.

- Addiction: Constant exposure to drugs can increase the risk of developing substance abuse issues and addiction, jeopardizing one's own well-being and a DUI charge.


4. Impact on Relationships

Engaging in drug dealing can damage personal relationships:

- Betrayal of Trust: Friends and family may feel betrayed if they discover your involvement in illegal activities, leading to strained relationships.

- Associations with Criminals: Drug dealing often involves associating with individuals who have criminal backgrounds, potentially putting you in dangerous situations.


5. Long-Term Consequences

The ramifications of drug dealing can extend far into the future:

- Limited Career Opportunities: A criminal record related to drug dealing can severely limit your career prospects, particularly in fields that require background checks.

- Difficulty in Securing Housing: Landlords may be hesitant to rent to individuals with drug convictions, making it challenging to find suitable housing.

- Mental Health Issues: The constant stress and fear associated with drug dealing can contribute to mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.



Drug dealing on college campuses is a dangerous and illegal activity with far-reaching consequences. It jeopardizes your future, threatens your safety, and damages personal relationships. As a college student, it is essential to make responsible choices that prioritize your well-being and long-term success.

If you or someone you know is involved in drug dealing, it's crucial to seek help and support. College campuses often have resources available for students facing substance abuse issues or legal problems. Remember that there are better ways to achieve success and fulfillment in college and beyond, and they do not involve the high risks and grave dangers associated with drug dealing.

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