Understanding Your Rights

When facing criminal charges for drug possession, there can be serious consequences including jail time and large fines. Most importantly, you must know your rights as a citizen of the United States when a law officer stops to search your home, work or car for illegal substances. There may have been a violation of your rights at the time of the search which is against the Fourth Amendment in the Constitution.

This amendment states that there must be a probable cause for search and seizure and demands that there must be a warrant from a judge. An attorney can carefully consider your case and make certain your lawful rights were not disturbed. If they were there is a possibility the charges can be dismissed or diminished by quite a bit. Allow Attorney Frank Walker to come to your defense and strongly advocate for your constitutional rights.

Why do I need an attorney?

It is important that you are protected from being taken advantage of by the complicated legal system. Having a skilled criminal defense at your side can assist you in receiving case results that beneficial. There are many possible scenarios that could have arisen during the search of your home, care or office that could be unlawful.

Only a knowledgeable lawyer would be able to decipher your case and know the best option to take in front of the court of law. Attorney Frank Walker is dedicated to getting the results you desire and has an excellent record to back up his remarkable reputation. It is important to our firm that your side of the story is properly represented in court and we aim to confidently resolve your case. Complete our free case evaluation today and do not hesitate. Do not wait until your freedom has been inhibited to act.