Morgantown Criminal Defense Lawyer

When one is arrested or the target of a pre-file investigation, it is commonly a stressful and upsetting experience, to say the least. Criminal offenses are categorized under state and federal laws, and each state handles each criminal offense differently. However, no matter what state you are facing criminal charges in, you have certain rights that are protected under the United States Constitution. Under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, people have the right to be secure in their persons, their personal effects and their houses against unreasonable searches and seizures. Under the Fifth Amendment, individuals are protected from incriminating themselves, this is otherwise known as your right to "remain silent." What's more, as a suspect being interrogated, you must be read your Miranda rights; otherwise, anything you say could be inadmissible in court.

These are all important rights; however, not all law enforcement officers reinforce them all of the time. It's critical that your Morgantown criminal defense attorney protect your rights, and work tirelessly to protect you from the negative consequences of a criminal conviction. At Frank Walker Law, the firm's founder, Frank Walker has extensive legal experience where he has achieved great success on behalf of his criminal defense clients. Our firm is proud to represent individuals in all types of criminal defense and traffic ticket defense matters in Morgantown and Summersville, West Virginia.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our firm handles a broad range of criminal matters on a misdemeanor and felony level. If you have been arrested for a drug crime such as possession, cultivation, manufacturing or distribution, we can vigorously defend you. We also handle all matters pertaining to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), including commercial DUI and underage DUI. If your son or daughter was arrested for a crime, we handle all types of juvenile crimes including those involving vandalism, theft, sex offenses such as date rape, assault, and even serious felony offenses such as robbery or manslaughter. We also assist clients who have been accused of violating a term of their probation or committing a serious violent crime such as burglary, robbery, rape, or murder.

A criminal conviction can carry a host of negative penalties, some of which may include: jail or prison sentencing, community service, hefty monetary fines, victim restitution, forfeiture of property, driver's license suspension and more. With the help of a zealous attorney such as Frank Walker fighting in your corner, it may be possible to dramatically reduce if not eliminate the consequences that you face, thus making the effort of contacting our firm completely worth your valuable time.

West Virginia Traffic Ticket Defense

Attorney Frank Walker has extensive experience handling traffic ticket cases in West Virginia. Whether you were issued a citation while traveling in another state or here in West Virginia, you face the possibility of fines, points on your record, and in worst case scenarios driver's license suspension. If you were issued a ticket, it's critical that you contact attorney Frank Walker right away and before paying the fine and ultimately admitting guilt. With the help of attorney Walker, you will be pleasantly surprised what a difference having an attorney on the line can make. In many cases he has helped his clients keep their driver's license, avoid points on their record, and most importantly, he has saved clients from having to endure the expense of skyrocketing insurance premiums.

For dedicated and personalized legal representation with your pressing legal matter, contact attorney Frank Walker today. Regardless of your circumstances, we are entirely committed to assessing the strengths and weaknesses in your case and determining the best course of action to take. What you do here and now can impact the entire course of your future; therefore, by contacting us today, you could be securing a better future and the second chance you rightfully deserve.