Morgantown, West Virginia is home to thousands of students during the school semester. Whether undergraduate, graduate or professional student, thousands of students flock to Morgantown to start or continue their studies on a yearly basis.

For the incoming freshman to Morgantown, often, this is the first time the freshman is away from home on an extended basis. The age of the incoming freshman ranges from 17-20 years old and this could be the very first time where they are in a position to set their own schedules, make their own rules, and, most importantly, deal with the consequences of their actions as an adult.

Despite Morgantown being home to one of the all-time top party schools, the laws are still clear, the penalties rough and arresting officers unforgiving when it comes to catching minors in possession of alcohol or underage consumption.

Whether you are in Magistrate Court or Municipal Court for the City of Morgantown, the penalties for underage consumption/minor in possession of alcohol are the same: A misdemeanor offense, a fine of $500, a period of 72 hours in jail, or a period of probation. Further, if you or your college child are convicted of two or more violations within a 5 year period, you may lose your student and financial aid.

Just because you are charged with the offense does not mean you are convicted of the charge. Additionally, in most cases, you will be handed a paper, ticket-like summons for the Minor in Possession charge, as opposed to being arrested and taken to jail for the charge. Regardless of how you are notified of the charge, you are still required to respond to the charge. If you fail to do so, or simply plead guilty and pay a fine without a lawyer, the charge can stay on your record forever.

You can contest the charge by questioning the arresting officer about their observations, the timeliness of the summons, the accuracy of the identification, the determination of the intoxication existence and many other ways. What is more, a skilled attorney can negotiate a conditional discharge of the Minor in Possession Charge or an understanding that you can expunge the charge at a later date should you remain arrest or conviction free for a period of time.

It is absolutely imperative that you seek the help of a qualified attorney who has an excellent track record. Attorney Frank Walker has extensive criminal defense experience and is prepared to fight for the resolution you. With his aggressive tactics and strong sense of West Virginia laws regarding Minors in Possession of Alcohol charges, Morgantown Criminal Attorney Frank Walker is more than capable to defend you or your college child. Do not delay by thinking the charge will go away after graduation.

A charge like this could damage future opportunities for your child and should be acted upon quickly. Contact our office today for a free case evaluation.