While it may seem like a glamorous thing to purchase alcohol or attend places where the age limit is 21 by sneaking in with a fake ID, it can have serious repercussions. In 2011 alone, nearly 50% of young adults in West Virginia claimed to have consumed alcohol. These types of actions are made possible mostly through false identities or persons over 21 purchasing alcohol for minors.

It is entirely illegal to possess, make, sell or use any form of false identification in the state of West Virginia. Any form of conviction for these charges could end up on your permanent record, making it difficult to pursue further education or start a career. There are often fines associated with the offense and on occasion, jail time must be served. The license of the individual being charged may be suspended up to six months, resulting in a loss of freedom.

Underage Consumption and Driving

In West Virginia, law enforcement officers have the legal right to stop any drivers under the age of 21 if there is probable cause to believe they have been using drugs or drinking prior to operating the vehicle. They also have the right by law to ask the underage individual to comply with blood alcohol content (BAC) tests. If there is above a .02 percent amount of alcohol in their system it constitutes as underage consumption. The officer will expect identification and if they are presented with a false ID it will incur further charges against the driver. This could result in a suspension of their license for 6 months to a year.

Procuring a Bold Defense

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