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Morgantown Criminal Defense Attorney

When charged with criminal offenses it is a confusing and stressful time full of questions without answers. In the critical time following the filing of a criminal complaint, deciding what the next step is in the legal process can be daunting. Having an experience lawyer to guide each and every decision according to West Virginia laws will not only prove to make the process a smooth one, but will increase the chance of a positive case result.

With Attorney Frank Walker's legal experience providing hundreds of clients with excellent care, it is no wonder that he has achieved such success in getting individuals beneficial settlements. Seen as a verified lawyer by the state and well-versed in criminal defense laws, it is evident that the knowledge he brings to each case is invaluable. Whether you are facing hit and run charges or defending a probation violation, our firm is prepared to fight for your case until the end. For the past seven years, our firm has brought devoted service to the citizens of West Virginia in need of criminal defense. We know that this time can be difficult if you are facing criminal charges and it is our goal to form a strong case that will bring about a successful end to this otherwise challenging situation.

Experienced in Various Criminal Cases

Facing any form of criminal charge is scary, but our firm can help take the load off and give you the peace of mind you desire. If there are substance abuse charges involving a DUI or drug possession, be assured that Attorney Frank Walker knows and understands the state laws on such practices. Grave matters involving sex crimes, acts of violence and theft can be handled by our knowledgeable legal team. With an undivided passion for your case, we will procure the necessary evidence to protect your rights in the best way possible.

There may be instances where your adolescent children who are considered minors get into trouble with law enforcement. This could entail any sort of juvenile crime such as burglary, automobile theft, and status offenses such as smoking or drinking. In regards to status offenses, these can entail minor penalties unless the minor was in possession of a fake ID at the time. This adds on an entirely different charge and can be much more severe since it deals with fraud. While the court does not handle minor cases in the same way as adult cases, in situations such as murder or rape they may be tried in a typical criminal justice court and sentenced accordingly.

In general, crimes most commonly committed by juveniles involve property crimes such as robbery, shoplifting and other kinds of theft. It is critical that if your child is charged with any form of criminal offense that you understand the rights they have under West Virginia laws. Allow our firm to ensure that there is absolutely no misconduct on the part of the court system in denying your child due process or a preliminary hearing.

What can I do now?

Once you have been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you hire an attorney as quickly as possible. This will help to ensure that you are protected throughout the legal process and that you do not say anything that may hurt your case. By having a qualified lawyer at your side, the court will not expect you to know and understand all of the laws related to your case. Attorney Frank Walker will aggressively defend your case by uncovering helpful evidence and investigating the entire process for any unlawful action on the part of the judicial system. Results from past cases speak to the credibility and skill of our firm. Do not let another day go by without contacting our office for a free case evaluation today!

In addition to serving the residents of Morgantown, Frank Walker Law also serves the residents of Summersville in their traffic ticket and criminal defense matters.

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