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When an individual is pulled over for suspicion for being intoxicated driving, their blood alcohol content level must be below the legal amount of .08 percent or they will be charged with a DUI. This results in a suspension of the license of the driver and could result in jail time or fines.

Drug Crimes

Possessing, creating, cultivating or distributing drugs to other individuals can result in facing drug crime charges. The penalties range depending on the substance involved and the action associated with it. While drugs like marijuana have less severe consequences, trafficking items such as cocaine could land an individual in prison for many years.

Fake ID

For people under 21 years of age, it is enticing to obtain a fake identification to be able to drink alcohol. Being arrested for possessing or using a false ID can not only cost the individual their license for a year, result in fines and jail time, but it will also remain on their permanent record. This could inhibit future pursuits as it is an offense against the law.

Hit and Run

These types of accidents can occur when a driver hits either an individual or a fixture and they do not stop to give their information. This is a criminal offense and can be classified as a felony if the person hit dies in the process, resulting in time in prison and $5,000 in fines.

Juvenile Crimes

More than 60% of adolescents may commit some form of criminal offense before they turn 18 years old. These can range from status offenses such as smoking illegally all the way up to violent crimes such as aggravated assault. In West Virginia, the juvenile court system greatly protects the rights of children in these kinds of criminal cases, but it still can be a complicated process best deciphered by a lawyer.

Preliminary Hearings

Every citizen of West Virginia is entitled to a preliminary hearing prior to going to trial to ensure that there is enough evidence to support a case. This does not provide a space to determine whether the individual is guilty or not, but it allows for witnesses and evidence to be brought forth quickly after the criminal complaint has been filed so that the information is fresh. A judge ultimately decides whether or not the case has probable cause and should continue to trial.

Probation Violations

Infringing upon a probation agreement can result in serious consequences since often a case sentence is dependent on the way the time allotted time goes. Breaking this court order by not meeting probation officers, neglecting service requirements or not staying within the court's jurisdiction can result in immediate penalties.

Property Crimes

Any non-violent crime where property is taken unlawfully from an individual can be constituted as a property crime. This includes burglary, larceny, vehicle theft, arson and other offenses. Large fines and the possibility of prison time are imminent when convicted of these crimes.

Sex Crimes

Actions of unwanted sexual contact, intercourse, pornography, prostitution, indecent exposure and other situations can result in being faced with sex crime charges. These can damage an individual's reputation and freedom in the future. It is important to seek a lawyer immediately for help in defending these kinds of cases, especially involving child sex crimes.

Theft Crimes

Larceny can occur in various forms of fraud from embezzlement to stealing important banknotes of another individual in order to benefit the offender. Any form of obtaining goods and services through false premises can also be classified as theft and result in serious penalties. Stealing is considered a serious offense in the states of West Virginia and having a qualified attorney to help is highly recommended.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are frequently issued, especially along U.S. Route 19 in the infamous speed trap. Unfortunately, traffic tickets in WV lead to points on your driving record, fines, and increased insurance premiums if they are not effectively challenged. Attorney Frank Walker has extensive experience handling all types of traffic ticket cases including fleeing a police officer, speeding and reckless driving.

Violent Crimes

Any form of aggressive forceful action or threat taken against another person can be considered a violent crime, especially when bodily injury is a result. These crimes can include but are not limited to robbery, murder, rape and assault. If convicted it could result in a loss of freedom through being sentenced to a lifetime in prison.