Have you recently received a traffic ticket?

In West Virginia, traffic tickets are handled through the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles. The DMV runs off of a point system which is intended to promote highway safety and enable the agency to monitor the driving habits of West Virginia residents. When someone is issued a traffic ticket, points are assessed based on the severity of the traffic offense, hence, the more serious the violation, the more points that are assessed. When a driver receives too many traffic violations, it can lead to a driver's license suspension.

According to the DMV, those points that are given for an infraction remain on the driver's record for two years after the date of the conviction, and the actual infraction remains on the driver's record for five years. In West Virginia, driver's license suspensions run consecutively, and when a driver receives additional points while their license is already under suspension, it will result in an additional license suspension. In cases such as these, the new license suspension period begins after the first suspension ends; however, when a driver receives 20 or more points, the license suspensions run concurrently.

West Virginia Point System

A West Virginia driver is assessed points for all traffic violations committed anywhere in the United States; however, even if they are ticketed out of state, points will be assessed using the West Virginia point system. When a driver is convicted of multiple offenses arising from the same incident, he or she is only assessed the points that are associated with the most serious offense. In WV, points are assessed as follows with the corresponding suspension period:

  • 12 to 13 Points – 30 Day Suspension

  • 14 to 15 Points – 45 Day Suspension

  • 16 to 17 Points – 60 Day Suspension

  • 18 to 19 Points – 90 Day Suspension

Note: When a person has 20 or more points, their driver's license will be suspended until their accumulated points are reduced to 11 or less points. Furthermore, when a person is convicted of driving while their license is suspended or revoked, it may result in an additional driver's license suspension.

In West Virginia, traffic violations carry a point value depending on the severity of the offense; for example, fleeing a police officer is 8 points, whereas hit and run/leaving the scene, speeding in a school zone, and reckless driving all carry 6 points. Speeding 15 mph or more above the posted speed limit carries 5 points, and a number of moving violations carry 3 points. The following are some common moving violations, all of which carry 3 points in West Virginia:

  • All classes of lane violations

  • Speeding from 10 to 14 mph above the posted speed limit

  • Failure to yield the right of way

  • Failure to obey a stop sign

  • Hazardous or careless driving

  • Littering

  • Driving too fast for the conditions

  • Failure to obey a traffic light

The lesser offenses carry 2 points, some of which include: impeding traffic, speeding between 5 and 9 mph above the posted speed limit, joyriding, following too closely, failure to signal, and improper turn etc.

Morgantown Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Isn't it ironic how the colors blue and red are generally the symbol of freedom until they are flashing in your rear-view mirror? Getting a traffic ticket is a nerve-wracking experience for most people because it not only means fines and points on their driving record, a conviction also means the driver is one step closer to a suspended driver's license. On top of the headache and expense, too many points on one's driving record can cause their insurance premiums to skyrocket, thus costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars out of pocket in the upcoming years.

When you get a traffic ticket, the last thing you want to do is ignore that ticket, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should immediately pay it either. When you pay a traffic ticket, you are essentially admitting guilt and are therefore assessed all of the corresponding fines and penalties that go along with it. By contacting Morgantown traffic ticket attorney Frank Walker right away, you can challenge the ticket and vastly decrease your chances of having to pay the full fines and getting the points assessed against your driving record. Traffic tickets are not only expensive, but they are a serious concern for those who have a CDL, and for those who can't afford to suffer a dramatic increase in their insurance premiums. With the help of attorney Walker, he may be able to significantly minimize the effects of a traffic ticket, thereby saving you time and money in the immediate future and in the long run.

Whether you've been arrested for DUI, or if your driver's license has been suspended for accruing too many points on your record or another reason, or if you would like to learn more about how taking a Defensive Driving Course (DDC) can remove 3 points from a driver's record, please contact Frank Walker Law today. We are intimately familiar with West Virginia's traffic laws, as well as the state's participation in the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC). Whether you were arrested for DUI or received a traffic ticket in another state or in West Virginia, we are fully prepared to defend your case and do everything within our power to get your penalties and fines reduced if not dropped altogether!