Understanding Your Next Step

It is important to understand your rights as well as the laws for criminal issues in West Virginia. Without the proper knowledge of these topics, it can result in mistakes that may cost you money, time and potentially your freedom. In order to improve your situation after an arrest, it is essential that every step is taken to avoid making errors that you will regret. Attorney Frank Walker is dedicated to protecting your rights, procuring important evidence and defending your case with a passion. Allow our firm to be of legal assistance to you during this process so that you do not fall victim to any of these mistakes.

Choosing to Represent Yourself

Perhaps the greatest mistake you can make is to decide that you are capable of representing yourself. There are complex laws regarding criminal issues in West Virginia that only a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer will be able to decipher. A criminal charge is not something to be taken lightly and can have severe consequences. Having an attorney to help prepare your case and guide you through the process will be absolutely invaluable and may be all the difference in settling your case with positive results.

Taking Legal Advice from Unqualified Individuals

Many people who are arrested think that hiring an attorney is a waste of time and money. They try to obtain the necessary information they need from people who are ill-equipped in the complicated arena of criminal law. Individuals may turn to the police, family, friends, people they know who have also been arrested and other lawyers perhaps who do not focus on criminal defense. Consulting with a legal professional who is highly practiced in representing clients with criminal charges is your best option to ensure that all your bases are covered. Attorney Frank Walker can provide the expertise that you deserve and help you during this difficult time.

DUI Mistakes

Often the most mistakes people make after any form of criminal charge is when they are arrested for a DUI. One common issue is that after an arrest, the driver fails to request a DMV Administrative hearing within 10 days. When this is not completed, it can result in an immediate suspension of the driver's license. Some people do not think there is any importance to these hearing and believe they can do nothing to change their situation.

This is entirely not true as it is very possible to win the case at these hearings even if your blood alcohol content level was above a .08 percent at the time of arrest. There can be a myriad of reasons why the case may be dropped at this level including a malfunctioning breathalyzer, evidence lost, inappropriate police conduct or lack of probable cause for arrest. Even if this does not occur, it still allows the defense attorney to gather any appropriate evidence and ask the law enforcement officer any questions before moving on in a trial. Regardless, having a DMV hearing is essential in fighting a DUI case.

How We Can Help

With a high rate of successful cases, it is no wonder that our firm is considered one of the best in the area. Throughout the past seven years, our firm has offered a level of commitment that is unprecedented and the results speak for themselves. Having a fighter mentality, Attorney Frank Walker will defend your case until the end and see to it that you receive the settlement you desire. Do not hesitate any longer to contact our office for more information on how we can help you.