Sex crimes can be defined as any form of human sexual behavior that is considered abusive or that goes against social norms. Even certain sexual actions that are committed through mutual consent can be classified as criminal activity if they break state laws. In the United States, there are nearly 208,000 individuals sexually assaulted each year and 44% of them are under 18 years of age.

There are various forms that sexual abuse or assault can take place through a variety of means including rape, sexual intercourse with minors, incest, forced sodomy, unwanted sexual touching and rape between married couples. Other forms of sex crimes include sexual harassment, human trafficking, ownership of child pornography, prostitution, streaking and other forms of illicit conduct.

Sexual Assault

The broad term of sexual assault involves an involuntary act of sexual behavior where the victim is threatened to commit to such acts against their will. Rape is the most common form of assault and is considered sexual assault in the first degree if bodily injury was inflicted. Penalties from this type of action could result in 15-35 years in prison with $1,000-10,000 in fines. Assault in the second degree is classified as a sexual act committed against a person who is physically helpless and will result in 10-25 years in prison followed by $1,000-10,000 in fines as well.

Sex Offenses Against Children

These types of charges are viewed with a greater severity than a sex crime committed against an adult due to the innocence of the child and the horrific impact it can have on their future. Child sexual abuse can include using children to please sexual desires, showing pornography to a child, revealing genitals to a child, and utilizing children for pornography purposes. With a rise in child abuse cases in recent years, law enforcement is more actively carrying out actions against sex offenders, especially in cases involving children. Although it is difficult due to the fact that 90% of perpetrators have some form of relationship with their victim, causing confusion for the child and an inability to get help. Crimes under this category could result in anywhere from 5 years to a lifetime in federal prison without any chance for probation.

Obtaining Legal Representation

When facing charges for sex crimes it can be devastating and confusing. The legal process involved with determining the truth behind the case can be frustrating. It is almost more of a "he said/she said" mentality and without an educated lawyer who is willing to fight for your rights, it can be difficult to obtain the results you desire. Not only would a conviction result in a loss of freedom and well-being, even being acquitted of the charges could bring a negative stigma to your name.

If a qualified attorney handles your case it is possible to have the accusations completely cleared from your record so that you can breathe easier. Attorney Frank Walker wants to aggressively guard your rights and work with you to create a knowledgeable case. Do not hesitate any longer to speak with a legal representative. Act before it is too late and you are stuck with a settlement that is unlawful or inappropriate for the charges.