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WVU Alumnus Helping Current Students and Future Alumni

As an alumnus of the WVU Law School, I am all too familiar with the atmosphere of Morgantown, West Virginia. Indeed, I have fond memories of attending football games to cheer on my beloved mountaineers or just enjoying the nightlife among the many establishments on High Street after a bowl victory or NCAA Tournament appearance by the Basketball Team.

However, although my time in Morgantown was short lived, I had the unfortunate opportunity to witness many late night disagreements and poor decision making of fellow students and future alumni. Some students were able to obtain good legal representation and walk away from their situation with a clean record intact, others were not so fortunate: they were convicted of misdemeanor dui or felony drug possession and suspended from the University.

As a law student, I vowed to dedicate my future law practice to providing excellent legal representation for those in need, especially young students who are painfully unaware of how serious a fake id charge or drug charge could impact their educational and professional future.

Your WVU College Student Needs a Lawyer

Don't even consider letting your child face criminal charges alone. Too much is at stake. When they try to tell you, "Johnny got a charge and she said the police officer told her that the charge would just go away!" Don't believe it. Your college child will attempt to downplay every bad situation in an effort to resolve it and keep you from knowing how serious the crime really is. A first time DUI can be resolved without a record or license suspension if handled by an experienced criminal lawyer in a timely fashion.

Ask for a copy of the paperwork and contact a lawyer immediately. Tell your student not to make any statements to anyone about the case before speaking with a Lawyer. Often times students think, "Oh, I'll just tell the officer what happened and they will let me go." Not true. An officer's job is to investigate crimes, find a suspect and make arrests. By giving voluntary statements, students often give officers more evidence to suspect your child of the crime and expedite their investigation of your child.

Choosing a Lawyer for your College Student

Your child needs serious criminal defense. A conviction for a sex assault, drug crime or any criminal defense will have a lasting impact of your child's future. Attorney Frank Walker is an experienced, nationally recognized Lawyer with offices in Morgantown, WV and Pittsburgh, Pa. Attorney Walker is a member of the National Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and was Nationally Recognized as one of the Top 40 Lawyers under the age of 40 in Criminal Defense. Former clients rave about Attorney Walker's ability to quickly resolve issues and provide aggressive defense in high stakes and high profile situations.

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Advise your child to exercise their constitutional right to remain silent and to be represented by counsel. Contact our firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 304-712-2089 for a review of the case. Certain rights must be asserted within a certain period of time or they will be waived. Stay in the know: Get the information, contact our firm at 304-712-2089 for a free review of the case.

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